About Us

Barcud Solutions

The philosophy and mind-set of Barcud Solutions (pronounced ‘bar-kid’) is inspired by the successful re-population of the legendary Welsh Red Kite. Once on the brink of extinction, the Red Kite now effortlessly soars and glides high above the valleys, hillsides and mountains of Mid Wales.

Barcud Solutions can help you soar to new heights and reach new pinnacles of achievement and success in both your personal and business life.

Specialising in the coaching of individuals, Barcud Solutions synergistically combines tried and tested traditional coaching models with new and inspirational techniques and practices such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Intelligence (EI) and the unique Focus Induced Future Affirmations (FIFA) devised and delivered solely by Barcud Solutions.

Julian Davies

Julian Davies is the founder, and Managing Director, of Barcud Solutions Limited.

Julian has more than thirty years of combined experience working in both the private and public sector.

He has successfully used a combination of traditional coaching & mentoring models, coupled with the innovative inclusion of various other techniques including NLP and EI, to nurture, support and develop colleagues in both the private and public sector. Julian also has extensive experience of working with teenagers and young adults in a voluntary capacity.

As a licenced practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, and Kinetic Shift as well as holding a number of CMI & ILM qualifications in Leadership & Management, Julian is ideally placed to tailor and deliver individual programmes and interventions designed specifically to individual needs.

Through Barcud Solutions Julian is able to share his extensive experience and knowledge through a number of programmes uniquely created and designed for, and delivered by, Barcud Solutions.

At Barcud Solutions we firmly believe “it’s time to soar”.