Focus Induced Future Affirmations (also known as FIFA) is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming technique devised by Julian Davies at Barcud Solutions and offered exclusively to Barcud Solutions clients.

FIFA is used extensively within the Team Tiger and Feed the Right Wolf programmes. It is also available as a ‘stand alone’ intervention or as part of a fully tailored individual programme.

The technique uses intense guided relaxation techniques to invoke a deep, focused state of mind which, when coupled with the use of Eriksonian language and syntax, allows deep affirmations to be established and embedded for the future.

The technique can be used to improve confidence, reduce anxiety, manage stress & negative emotions, and contribute to overall well-being.

The positive effects of FIFA are rapidly achieved, long lasting, and make a profound systemic impact. FIFA results are real, tangible, and palpable.

Barcud Solutions offers significant discounts on programmes and interventions which include FIFA to all serving & former members of HM Armed Forces and ‘Blue Light’ Emergency Services. Quote ‘SERVICE DISCOUNT’ when making contact.