Team Tiger

Team Tiger is a Personal Development programme for young men and women between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five which starts with six months of coaching & mentoring and can span a lifetime. Team Tiger is all about developing, encouraging, and training a person’s ‘inner tiger’ and equipping them with life-long skills.

The programme is delivered to individuals, or small groups, based on the developmental requirements of the participants. A combination of traditional coaching and mentoring techniques are synergistically combined with innovative solutions including Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Intelligence and FIFA (Focus Induced Future Affirmations) a technique developed by, and unique to, Barcud Solutions.

To complement the coaching and mentoring aspects of the programme Julian also holds a Certificate in Adolescent Counselling and is experienced in dealing with many of the more challenging issues faced by adolescents and young adults.

Team Tiger has been devised by Barcud Solutions’ founder and Managing Director, Julian Davies, based on more than thirty years’ experience of working with young people in a number of different organisations and environments. The programme takes aspects of leadership, resilience, and confidence from the teachings of various organisations, combines them with the real life experiences of Julian’s previous mentees, and delivers them in a straightforward and thought provoking way specifically designed for today’s fast-pace, on-line, environment.

The programme is personally delivered by Julian and is designed to complement the support and encouragement offered by parents & carers at home; teachers & tutors in school or college; and all the other social & environmental influences in a young person’s life. Team Tiger is not a replacement for any of these influences, but an additional resource providing insight, and another perspective, to encourage and support life-long development. Some of Julian’s early mentees are now in their late thirties, with families and children of their own, and still count Julian as being an active mentor, advocate and ‘critical friend’ in their lives – true examples of where six months can span a lifetime!

The philosophy behind the programme is one of personal development based on the traditional ideals of integrity, trustworthiness, and self-worth. The following topics form the basis of some of the programme’s areas for development:

  • Self-confidence, making a ‘first impression’ and ‘personal branding’ – and avoiding the pitfalls of ‘confidence’ being perceived as ‘arrogance’.
  • How to evidence achievement in a way which is appropriate for university, job and promotion applications.
  • How to protect personal integrity and safety ‘on-line’ when using social media and other platforms.
  • Self-worth and self-image – how not to fall victim to unrealistic perceived expectations created by peers, advertising and social engineering.
  • Emotional Intelligence – how to recognise and manage emotions and feelings (including anxiety and anger) effectively and how to recognise emotional responses in others.
  • The psychology of learning and how to revise efficiently and effectively for any subject – particularly useful for examination situations and job interviews.
  • Mindfulness & Reflective Practice – an introduction to practicing Mindfulness and Reflective Practice for general well-being, and the management of stress & anxiety.

As part of their commitment to social responsibility and conservation Team Tiger participants have adopted ‘Jasper’, a male Bengal Tiger, who lives at the Born Free Foundation’s tiger sanctuary in Bannerghatta National Park, southern India, which provides a natural forest habitat for rescued tigers in a section of the park closed to visitors. 

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